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 Practice Areas

Personal Injury, Oil & Gas,Commercial, Natural Resources & Property Damages,
Successions, Community Property, Uncontested Divorce, Labor & Employment

Business Formation, Buy /Sell Agreements, Due Diligence
Employment Policies and Handbooks, Oil & Gas



Members : National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers


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Listing of these previously mentioned areas of practice does not represent or indicate any certification of expertise therein. A decision on legal services is an important matter and should not be based solely on advertisements. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed by this office is greater than the quality of the legal services performed by other lawyers. Photographs are only for dramatization.

Contacting me does not mean that we represent you. It means only that we will review your case. When contacting us, please include your complete name, physical and mailing addresses, and telephone number(s) including area code(s). Receipt of your correspondence or electronic mail is acknowledged only through personal contact by the attorneys by telephone, written response or personal conference. Automatic and electronic auto-responses DO NOT constitute receipt, acknowledgement or acceptance of your electronic mail, NOR do they mean we have agreed to represent you. If you have a time-sensitive matter of concern (i.e. , your legal rights are in danger of expiring), it is your responsibility to be certain that you have engaged an attorney to handle your case. This office requires a written fee agreement in all cases for new clients. You should not, under any circumstances, assume that by merely contacting this office, or any attorney, that a matter will be accepted or addressed by the attorney. This office does not represent you until and unless a formal written engagement contract, which explains the terms of the representation, is prepared by this office and thereafter signed by attorney and you. 

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